Best Yugioh Side Deck Cards vs META 2024 - Ideas & Rules

yugioh side deck

Welcome to our yugioh side deck section, check out our best list of cards against the Meta (based on our tier lists. If you want to see cards against a specific archetype go here.

Side Deck Good Ideas

  1. Evenly Matched
    • Going Second
    • vs Any Deck
    • Tip: For the format it is best to use this card from Main.
  2. Dimensional Barrier
  3. Any Kaiju Monsters, Lava Golem, Sphere Ra, Kurikara
    • Going 2nd
    • vs Boss Monsters (Empen, Kashtira Arise Heart, Dragoon etc...)
  4. Cosmic Cyclone, Twin Twister
    • Going 1st & 2nd
  5. Dark Hole
    • Going 2nd
    • vs Puppet, Knigtmare Iblee
  6. Dark Ruler No More
    • Going Second
    • Spright, Branded Despia, Rikka Sunavalon
    • Any Combo Control Deck
  7. Lightning Storm, Feather Duster
    • Going 2nd
    • Traptrix, Labrynth, Floowandereeze, Exosister
  8. Artifact Lancea
    • Going 1st & 2nd
    • Protect your field vs Evenly
    • vs Kashtira, Floowandereeze, Dragon Link

YGO Side Deck vs Meta

🏆 Get to know the Yugioh Meta Decks that dominate the format.

Side Decking 2024

I have to tell you that there is no such thing as the key card or the best side deck card in yugioh.
Each deck works differently so they have specific weaknesses, but there may be similarities that you can take advantage of.

That is to say:
The Ishizu Tearalaments deck and the Darkworld deck share the same weakness, which is relying on activating effects in the graveyard. In this case you could use cards against that type of strategy and the same side deck cards would work against the 2 decks.

There are many cards in yugioh but over time due to the META decks and their weaknesses many cards have adopted the side deck feature to use against those decks.

Side Deck Ideas

In this section of our YGODeckProfile page you can find lists of cards that work against each of the decks that dominate the format. All the information you will find here is based on our way of seeing this card game and our experience playing yugioh.

Yugioh Side Deck Rules

Side Deck (0 to 15 cards)
This is a separate Deck of cards you can use to change your Deck during a Match. After each Duel in a Match, you can swap any card from your Side Deck with a card from your Deck and/or Extra Deck to customize your strategy against your opponent. The number of cards in your Side Decks must not exceed 15. The number of cards in your Side Deck before and after you swap any cards must be exactly the same.

Yugioh Official Rulebook

What is Side Deck? (Explained)

In Yugioh duels are 2 out of 3 games, so every time 1 duel ends, that's where you can exchange cards from your main deck with cards from your Side Deck. So improve the strategy against your rival.

Yugioh Side Deck Limit

15 Cards. The maximum number of cards you can have in your side deck is 15. At the time of sidecking you must have the same number in your side and main deck again.

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