Yu-Gi-Oh! Tier List TCG

The complete list of the best decks of the format, our selection is based on the number of Top's that the decks have achieved in tournaments around the world.

Tier List March 2024

Tier 1

Fire King Deck

The "Fire King" archetype in Yu-Gi-Oh! revolves around Fire-type monsters with destructive effects. These monsters often benefit from self-destruction, triggering additional effects such as dealing damage, summoning other monsters, or disrupting the opponent's field.

The archetype includes support cards that enhance their ability to gain advantages through destruction, making them a strategic and aggressive deck.

Fire King Deck 2023

rescue ace deck

Rescue Ace POST Banlist

Rescue-ACE is a strategic archetype centered around locking down opponents with Spell and Trap cards.

Its Monster Cards feature futuristic firefighters and mecha-inspired vehicles, all of the FIRE attribute, symbolizing firefighter safety procedures: RESCUE!, ALERT!, CONTAIN!, and EXTINGUISH!

Labrynth Deck

The fresh Labyrinth motif not only showcases a playful twist in spelling "labyrinth," but it introduces a unique control deck highlighting Fiends and trap cards. Specifically, it revolves around traps capable of removing monsters from the field, given that all Labyrinth creatures carry advantageous effects triggered by such events.

best mannadium deck profiles yugioh

Mannadium Deck

The Mannadium archetype, introduced in Cyberstorm Access, serves as the contemporary synchro successor to tactics seen in Adamancipator and Virtual World.

Mannadium's approach is direct, focusing on summoning synchro monsters with negation capabilities. The combos are linear, resulting in similar end boards regardless of the specific hand combination.

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