Yugioh Edison Format: Best Decks & Top Tier List

yugioh edison decks tier list

Classic archetypes of the year 2010 know the meta of yugioh edison format best deck lists.

Best Edison Format Decks

yugioh edison decks tier list

It should be noted that these are some of the best decks for the edisonformat 2024, but there are still many more and we will soon update them with more deck lists.

best edison format decks

Top 8 Edison Format Tier List

Get to know our yugioh Edison Deck tier list (it should be noted that most of the decks are strong)

Edison Format Top Decks

  1. Blackwing
  2. Diva Hero
  3. Vayu Turbo
  4. Hero Beat
  5. Frog Monarchs
  6. Machina Variants
  7. Lightsworns
  8. Quickdraw Plants

Formato Edison Yugioh

Conoce los mejores decks para uno de los mejores formatos alternos de yugioh "Edisson Format" 2010. Mira y construye tu deck formato edison.


Is Edison format expensive?

Considering the value of the cards in the TCG format, building a deck in the edison format is much lower in price. But as the format is becoming more and more popular, the cards that do not have reprints are rising in price.

Why is Edison format called Edison format?

Edison Format the name is taken from the SHonen Jump Championship (SJC) event the 75th in Edison, New Jersey in 2010. This event marked a very varied Meta because several decks are leveled.

What is Konami Edison format?

The Konami company has allowed official stores (OTS) to use banlists from other years and play again with popular decks such as Blackwings, Lightsworn (among others) in Edison Format.

what is edison format yugioh?

It is an alternative Yugioh format that uses the 2010 banlist, enter our section and find out its banlist and the best decks to play.

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