Best Goat Format Decks & Tier List

Best Goat Format Decks Tier list

Welcome to Goat Format, a nostalgic Yu-Gi-Oh! era from 2005, celebrated for its strategic depth and classic cards like "Scapegoat." Dive in and experience the timeless tactics of this beloved format.

Goat Format Decks

Goat Format Tier List

Tier 1

  • Chaos Turbo
  • Goat Control
  • Chaos Control
  • Warriors

Tier 2

  • Earth Beat
  • Panda Burn
  • Reasoning Gate
  • Chaos Warrior
  • Chaos Return

Tier 3

  • Cat OTK
  • Monarchs
  • Dimension Fusion Turbo
  • Chaos Recruiter
  • Stein Gate Turbo
  • Zombies

Other Good Goat Decks

  • Gearfried Deck
  • Stein Monarch
  • Mataza Rush
  • Hand Control
  • Chaos Monarch
  • Bazoo Return
  • Plant Control
  • Soul Control
  • Flip Warrior
  • Flip Control
  • Stall Burn
  • Gravekeeper
  • Clown Control
  • Drain Beat
  • Economic FTK
  • Cat Burn
  • Drain Burn
  • Cat Control
  • Tiger Stun
  • Library FTK
  • Last Turn

Yugioh Goat Format

yugioh goat format

What is considered Goat Format?

Goat Format refers to a Yu-Gi-Oh! gameplay format that was prominent in the summer of 2005. It gets its name from the widespread use of the card "Scapegoat" during that time. This format uses the card pool, ruleset, and banlist from April 2005, emphasizing a more strategic and slower-paced style of play compared to modern Yu-Gi-Oh!

What is the Goat Format 2005?

The Goat Format 2005 is based on the rules and card pool from April to August 2005. This includes cards from sets up to "The Lost Millennium" but excludes cards from "Cybernetic Revolution" and the 2005 tin promos like Exarion Universe.

What sets are in Goat Format?

The legal sets in Goat Format include:

  • Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon (LOB)
  • Metal Raiders (MRD)
  • Magic/Spell Ruler (MRL/SRL)
  • Pharaoh's Servant (PSV)
  • Labyrinth of Nightmare (LON)
  • Legacy of Darkness (LOD)
  • Pharaonic Guardian (PGD)
  • Magician's Force (MFC)
  • Dark Crisis (DCR)
  • Invasion of Chaos (IOC)
  • Ancient Sanctuary (AST)
  • Soul of the Duelist (SOD)
  • Rise of Destiny (RDS)
  • Flaming Eternity (FET)
  • The Lost Millennium (TLM)
  • Starter Decks and Promo Cards up to Archfiend of Gilfer.

When did Goat Format end?

Goat Format is generally considered to have ended with the release of "Cybernetic Revolution" in August 2005, which introduced power-creep cards like Cyber Dragon that significantly changed the game's dynamics.

Is Goat Format cheap?

Goat Format can be relatively inexpensive compared to modern Yu-Gi-Oh! formats because it uses older cards, many of which are common or have been reprinted multiple times. However, some key cards can be pricey due to their utility and demand within the format.

Is Cyber-Stein legal in Goat Format?

Yes, Cyber-Stein is legal in Goat Format, but it is limited to one copy per deck. It can be part of powerful but risky strategies due to its ability to summon fusion monsters directly from the Extra Deck at a high life point cost.

Is Lava Golem legal in Goat Format?

Yes, Lava Golem is legal in Goat Format and can be a powerful card to disrupt your opponent's strategy by removing their monsters and inflicting damage over time.

Is Change of Heart banned in Goat Format?

Yes, Change of Heart is banned in Goat Format. It was considered too powerful due to its ability to take control of an opponent's monster for a turn without any drawbacks.

Is Crush Card Virus legal in Goat Format?

No, Crush Card Virus is not legal in Goat Format as it was not available in the card pool used during the format's timeframe. It was released later and is not included in the list of allowed promo cards.

What is Scapegoat in Goat Format?

Scapegoat is a Quick-Play Spell Card that summons four Sheep Tokens to your field. In Goat Format, it is a crucial card due to its defensive capabilities and synergy with cards like Metamorphosis, which can use the tokens to summon powerful fusion monsters.

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