Salamangreat Deck

salamangreat deck

The latest competitive deck lists of Salamangreat for June 2024.

salamangreat decklist 2024
Creator: Robert Tucker
Tournament: Kissimmee WCQ Regional – May 4th 2024
Placement: Top 8

salamangreat deck 2024

salamangreat deck 2024
Creator: Niels Vossen
Tournament: Westende WCQ Regional – April 21st 2024
Placement: 1st Place

salamangreat deck list 2024

salamangreat deck profile
Creator: Jose Antonio Castillo Aramundiz
Tournament: YCS Guadalajara – April 13th 2024
Placement: Top 16

yugioh salamangreat deck

salamangreat deck tcg
Creator: Jolen Lo-Arnoult
Tournament: Villeneuve-sur-Yonne WCQ Regional – March 31st 2024
Placement: 2nd Place

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