Best Yu-Gi-Oh! Burn Cards

We show you the best yugioh burn cards, the direct damage strategy is very popular today, the time rule gives rise to being able to win with any of these cards. Check out Our Top 10 Best Burn support cards.

Best Yu-Gi-Oh! Burn Cards 2023

Magic Cylinder Burn in a classic way!

Magic Cylinder yugioh burn card

A classic card to end the life of your opponent, in previous years it was very good, unfortunately with how fast the yugioh card game is, it is difficult to use it against the Meta.

Poison of the Old Man

Poison of the Old Man burn card

One of the most used cards today, thanks to the time rule, I have seen this card take many duels in tournaments around the world. In addition to the fact that it can do direct damage, you can also gain life, your choice!

Ring of Destruction

Ring of Destruction

Very good at dealing damage! you can achieve high damage because it depends on the ATK of the monster you destroy. Remember that it also does damage to your life points, you must use it carefully.

Red-Eyes Flare Metal Dragon

Red Eyes Flare Metal Dragon best yugioh  burn extra deck card

One of the best monsters to deal direct damage and this Dragon does it very well, 500 per opponent card played is a lot!

Volcanic Scattershot

Best yugioh burn cards 2023

One of the most hated meta! In the same way as other cards on this list, they are used to win Matches by the current round end time rule.

Cauldron of the Old Man

Cauldron of the Old Man

One of the best cards to burn in yugioh! At the time with Mystic Mine, these 2 managed to win important events, if a Burn deck can be Meta!

Chain Strike

Chain Strike burn deck

This really can't be very generic, since it implies carrying it in a chain-focused deck, it works so well that this card is Limited in the Banlist, that is, you can only have 1 copy in your deck.

Wave-Motion Cannon

Wave-Motion Cannon

If this card lasts on your field for 8 turns, you already won!, each turn accumulates 1000 damage to burn your opponent. Of course it is difficult because it lasts 8 turns, but 3 or 4 is possible, you decide when to remove it.



If what you are looking for is a burn deck directly, the trickstar archetype is for you, this deck is focused on winning either by dealing damage or ending your opponent's hand.

Magical Explosion

Magical Explosion

This trap lasts banned for a long time, in its time it was excessively good, it beat you very quickly! It is on the list because it was very good, today we do not recommend it to play against the meta.

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