What is the Best Yugioh Deck 2023

Before the "It's Time to Duel!" We will show you many archetypes that are currently strong, but what is the best yugioh deck?

#5 Branded Despia

It could be said that it was the best deck of 2022, and after several months and with the release of other decks, it is still a great option to play this 2023.

branded despia

Its great potential is fusions using the ""Despia" and "Branded" archetypes. The control and strength of this deck is impressive.

We have this deck on our tier list at level 2, but with the support cards that are coming for this 2023, we believe that it could be Tier 1 again.

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#4 Floowandereeze

The best "Anti Meta" deck at the moment that can face the strongest of the format.
Its price and its competitiveness makes the deck a Tier 1.

floowandereeze deck

The mechanic of this deck is to control your opponent's Special Summons with Barrier Statue of the Stormwinds.

In addition to using his strongest monster "Empen" so that monster effects cannot be activated in attack position.

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#3 Kashtira

From its first support in Darkwing Blast it was already seen that this deck would be strong! his star card Kashtira Fenrir is incredible.

kashtira monsters

This deck is based on removing or blocking the opponent's field zones, making it impossible for him to play.

We are sure that this deck will soon be #1 on this list since in the Photon Hypernova booster cards will arrive to TCG that will make it the favorite deck!

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#2 Spright

We are only 1 position away from meeting the best yugioh deck.
But Spright, although he was # 1 at the time, a banlist ended his reign.

yugioh spright deck

This deck the ease of creating combos with only 2 cards and even with 1 card could leave you several interruptions and win the duel easily.

As we said it is a "Combo" deck but the truth is not very difficult to play.

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#1 Tearlaments Ishizu

Thank you very much for getting here, finally as you saw the #1 of the game currently for this 2023 is the deck Ishizu Tearlaments. but why?

tearlaments monsters

This deck can leave up to 3 fusions on the field at least in 1 turn, with hardly any effort.

3 of his 4 monsters have an effect to do a Fusion Summon per turn.
It is easy with the simple fact that they reach the graveyard by any effect, you activate it, you send them to the bottom of your deck (with their respective material) and you invoke the fusion.

But how do we send them to the graveyard in 1 turn? The answer is in the monsters of the Ishizu archetype.

ishizu archetype
Ishizu Monsters

Of the 4 monsters in the image above, 2 of them can send up to 5 cards from the top of your deck to the graveyard.

So with those there are already 10 cards that you send from the top, and with that there is a high possibility that you will send at least 1 copy of the tearlaments and you can do fusion this turn.

And that's just the beginning of how the deck works! There are other cards that are used to speed up the deck and make very long combos to win the duel!

For these reasons the answer of which is the best yugioh deck? It's Ishizu Tears.

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Only this list of 5 decks are they strong?

Not! there are many strong decks in yugioh if you want to see all the options look at our Tier List Here

yugioh tier list

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