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The latest competitive deck lists of Traptrix for July 2024.

1st Place Traptrix Armored OTS 1st Place
traptrix deck 2024

1st Place Traptrix 5-0 Local Tournament
traptrix deck profile 2024
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traptrix meta deck
Sample List
traptrix deck list
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traptrix deck list 2024
Horus Traptrix
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traptrix decklist 2024
Traptrix Ragnaraika
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Traptrix Ragnaraika Decklist
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Traptrix Deck Yugioh
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Traptrix Deck Tcg
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How to play?

Traptrix Guide

The Traptrix archetype focuses on using trap cards and monsters of the Insect and Plant types to control the game through interruption and incremental advantage. This archetype has been updated with new cards and strategies that make it competitive in the current meta.

Strategy and Gameplay

The core strategy of the Traptrix deck revolves around utilizing "Hole" trap cards to interact with opponents' monsters, removing them from the field or negating their effects. Key monsters like Traptrix Myrmeleo, Traptrix Mantis, Traptrix Dionaea, and Traptrix Pudica help search and set these traps.

Traptrix Sera is a crucial link monster that allows you to set traps directly from the deck and summon additional Traptrix monsters, enhancing field control. Cards like Traptrix Holeutea and Traptrip Garden further improve the deck's synergy, providing options for summoning and additional protection.

Most Used Cards

  1. Traptrix Sera
  2. Traptrix Myrmeleo
  3. Traptrix Mantis
  4. Traptrix Dionaea
  5. Traptrix Pudica
  6. Traptrip Garden
  7. Traptrix Holeutea
  8. Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring
  9. Infinite Impermanence
  10. Evenly Matched

Deck Variants

  1. Traptrix Pure: Focuses solely on the Traptrix archetype, using a high number of "Hole" traps and maximizing consistency with cards like Pot of Prosperity.
  2. Traptrix Synchro: Includes a Synchro package with monsters like Baronne de Fleur to add additional layers of negation and interruption options.
  3. Traptrix Rikka: Combines the Traptrix archetype with Rikka to take advantage of tribute capabilities and additional control provided by Rikka cards.


To maximize the potential of the Traptrix deck, follow these tips:

  1. Field Control: Prioritize setting traps that disrupt the opponent's plays. Cards like Bottomless Trap Hole and Floodgate Trap Hole are essential for stopping powerful monsters.
  2. Synergy and Protection: Use Traptrip Garden to protect your monsters and provide additional summons. Traptrix Sera is vital for extending plays and maintaining pressure on the opponent.
  3. Adaptation: Adjust your deck and side deck according to the meta. Cards like Anti-Spell Fragrance and Dimensional Barrier are useful in various matchups, offering flexible control options.

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