YCS 250 Bogota 2023 Deck Lists Results (Coverage)

ycs 250 bogota 2023 deck lists results

On this page you can find the YCS 250th Bogota, Colombia 2023 decks, We will upload all the profiles as soon as possible!

YCS 250th Bogota 2023

The best decks that made it to the Top in this yugioh official tournament ! we will be updating the decklists as soon as possible.

All the official information of the event can be found here.

YCS Bogota Winner

YCS Bogota Winner

Kashtira - Herosbrand (Profile HERE)

YCS 250 Bogota Deck Lists

More YCS Profiles:

Top Cut

Here are the Top 4 Pairings:

TablePlayer 1vs.Player 2
1Urena, Cristian Rafael vs.Matu Gutierrez, Jorge Alejandro 
2Perez Padilla, Carlos Andres vs.Velasquez Prieto, Esteban 

Here are the Top 8 Pairings:

TablePlayer 1vs.Player 2
1Matu Gutierrez, Jorge Alejandro vs.De Aquino, Lucas Santos 
2Urena, Cristian Rafael vs.Farfan Soto, Sergio Mauricio 
3Perez Padilla, Carlos Andres vs.Moreno Fernandes, Mateus 
4Delgado Portilla, Gerardo Jesus vs.Velasquez Prieto, Esteban 

Here are the Top 16 pairings:

TablePlayer 1vs.Player 2
1Nazarre Mari, Cesar Armando vs.Matu Gutierrez, Jorge Alejandro 
2Ortiz Gutierrez, Henry Mauricio vs.De Aquino, Lucas Santos 
3Urena, Cristian Rafael vs.Lopez Rangel, Carlos Eduardo 
4Farfan Soto, Sergio Mauricio vs.Lima, Eric de Jesus 
5Madriz Espinoza, Adrian vs.Moreno Fernandes, Mateus 
6Pagan del Valle, Maxwell vs.Perez Padilla, Carlos Andres 
7Delgado Portilla, Gerardo Jesus vs.Jimenez Delgado, Jaime Andres 
8Ibarra Barcenas, Angel vs.Velasquez Prieto, Esteban 

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