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The latest competitive deck lists of Ritual Beast for July 2024.

Top 8 Las Vegas WCQ Regional – June 22nd 2024
Duelist: Ulises Aispuro
Ritual Beast DEck tcg

Ritual Beast Deck 2024
Sample List
Ritual Beast Deck TCG
Ritual Beast Post Terminal Revenge
Sample List
Ritual Beast Deck TCG
Sample List
Ritual Beast Deck TCG
Sample List
Ritual Beast Deck TCG

Overview of Ritual Beasts Deck in 2024

The Ritual Beasts deck has gained substantial support and upgrades, particularly with the recent releases from the "Battles of Legend: Terminal Revenge" set. These enhancements have made the deck more competitive and versatile, allowing players to execute complex strategies effectively. Known for its unique playstyle involving banishing and summoning multiple monsters in a single turn, Ritual Beasts can overwhelm opponents with their dynamic plays and resource management.

Key Components and Strategy

  1. Core Monsters:
    • Ritual Beast Tamer Elder: Essential for starting combos by allowing an additional Normal Summon.
    • Spiritual Beast Cannahawk: Central to the deck’s combo plays, capable of banishing Ritual Beasts for future plays.
    • Ritual Beast Ulti-Cannahawk: Key fusion monster that enables searching and recycling of resources.
  2. New Support Cards:
    • Ritual Beast Ulti-Reirautari: Provides recursion and additional plays by returning Ritual Beasts to the hand and allowing additional summons.
    • Ritual Beast Inheritance: Enhances consistency by searching for key combo pieces.
  3. Supporting Spells and Traps:
    • Ritual Beast Steeds: Provides monster removal by destroying opponent’s monsters based on the number of Ritual Beasts you control.
    • Ritual Beast Ambush: Recovers banished or graveyard Ritual Beasts, facilitating continuous pressure.

Top 10 Most Played Cards in Ritual Beasts Decks

  1. Ritual Beast Tamer Elder
  2. Spiritual Beast Cannahawk
  3. Ritual Beast Ulti-Cannahawk
  4. Ritual Beast Ulti-Reirautari
  5. Ritual Beast Steeds
  6. Ritual Beast Ambush
  7. Ritual Beast Tamer Lara
  8. Spiritual Beast Rampengu
  9. Ritual Beast Return
  10. Dimensional Fissure

Variants of Ritual Beasts Decks

  1. Pure Ritual Beasts: Focuses entirely on the Ritual Beast archetype, maximizing synergy and consistency within the theme.
  2. Kashtira Ritual Beast: Incorporates the Kashtira engine to provide additional summoning capabilities and board presence.
  3. Ritual Beast + Nemeses: Combines Ritual Beasts with Nemeses cards to enhance recursion and board control.
  4. Zefra Ritual Beasts: Integrates Zefra cards to add Pendulum Summoning mechanics, offering more versatility in plays.
  5. Myutant + Ritual Beasts: A hybrid that leverages the disruptive capabilities of Myutants alongside the combo potential of Ritual Beasts.

Post-Battle of Legends: Terminal Revenge Updates

The "Battles of Legend: Terminal Revenge" set has introduced critical support for Ritual Beasts, such as Ulti-Reirautari, which enhances the deck’s recursion and play extension capabilities. This support has revitalized the deck's competitive viability, allowing it to adapt to the current meta better. Platforms like "Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel" and other "Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Online" games have also promoted the deck, making it accessible for more players to experiment with its intricate plays.

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