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The latest competitive deck lists of Mementotlan for 2024.

OCG Version POST Infinite Forbidden
Sample List
Mementotlan Deck OCG 2024

OCG Version POST Infinite Forbidden
Sample List
Mementotlan Deck OCG 2024
OCG Version POST Infinite Forbidden
Sample List
Mementotlan Deck OCG 2024

Mementotlan Meta TCG

Mementotlan Competitive TCG
Relinquished Anima for Linkuriboh

Memento Deck 2024

mementotlan deck list

yugioh memento deck Post Legacy Destruction (LEDE)

mementolan deck

mementotlan deck

momento deck

memento deck list

mementotlan yugioh

mementoal deck (Lightsworn)

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yugioh mementotlan

Yugioh Mementotlan Deck 2024

The Mementotlan deck in Yu-Gi-Oh! has seen considerable evolution in the 2024 meta. This guide will provide a comprehensive overview of its variations, top cards, strategies, and tips for optimal play.

Variants of the Mementotlan Deck

Pure Mementotlan

This variant focuses solely on the Mementotlan archetype, maximizing synergy between its cards. It utilizes the core fusion strategy with cards like Mementotlan Fusion to summon powerful fusion monsters directly from the Extra Deck.

Mementotlan Control

Incorporating control elements, this version disrupts opponents with cards like Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring and There Can Be Only One. This build focuses on maintaining board presence and limiting opponent's plays.

Mementotlan Lightsworn

Combining Mementotlan with the Lightsworn engine enhances graveyard setup. Cards like Mementotlan Angwitch and Mementotlan Dark Blade work well with Lightsworn cards to quickly fill the graveyard, enabling powerful plays.

Top 10 Cards in the Mementotlan Deck

  1. Mementotlan Fusion: Essential for summoning fusion monsters using materials from the hand or field.
  2. Mementotlan Angwitch: Adds "Memento" monsters to your hand and facilitates special summons from the graveyard.
  3. Mementotlan Dark Blade: Destroys opponent's spell/trap cards and special summons low-level "Memento" monsters.
  4. Mementotlan Goblin: Provides protection from targeting effects and sets up the graveyard.
  5. Mementotlan Mystical Sheep: Special summons itself when a "Memento" monster is destroyed and can facilitate fusion summons.
  6. Mementotlan Bone Party: Enhances fusion summoning capabilities.
  7. Super Polymerization: A versatile card that allows you to use your opponent's monsters for fusion summons.
  8. Foolish Burial: Helps send key "Memento" monsters to the graveyard.
  9. Called by the Grave: Counters hand traps and other graveyard-related effects.
  10. Mementomictlan: Provides extra summoning capabilities and destruction effects.

How to Play the Mementotlan Deck

Early Game

Focus on setting up your graveyard with key "Memento" monsters using cards like Foolish Burial and Mementotlan Goblin. Use Mementotlan Angwitch to search for necessary cards and establish your board.

Mid Game

Utilize Mementotlan Fusion to summon your fusion monsters, leveraging cards from your hand and field. Maintain control with disruption cards such as Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring and There Can Be Only One.

Late Game

Capitalize on your graveyard setup with powerful fusion summons. Use Super Polymerization to disrupt your opponent while strengthening your field. Mementomictlan and Mementotlan Dark Blade can help clear threats and maintain board dominance.

Tips and Advice

  • Graveyard Management: Ensure your graveyard is stocked with necessary "Memento" monsters to enable powerful plays.
  • Fusion Focus: Prioritize fusion summoning with Mementotlan Fusion and Super Polymerization to maintain an advantage.
  • Disruption Utilization: Incorporate disruption cards to break opponent combos and maintain control over the game.

The Mementotlan deck offers a blend of fusion summoning and control elements, making it a versatile choice in the 2024 meta. By focusing on graveyard setup and utilizing powerful fusion monsters, players can achieve competitive success with this deck.

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