Lightsworn Decks

Best Lightsworn Decks

The latest competitive deck lists of Lightsworn for July 2024.

Sample List
Fiendsmith Deck TCG Runick Lightsworn

Sample List
Lightsworn Centurion Deck 2024
Top 64 Germany National Championship 2024
Duelist: Christian J.
Horus Bystial Centur-Ion Lightsworn
Top 8 Western Australia State Championship 2024
Duelist: Nathan Kosc
Horus Bystial Lightsworn
1st Place Trier WCQ Regional 2024
Duelist: Tim Wintersig
Thunder Dragon Horus Bystial Lightsworn
Top 4 San Antonio WCQ Regional
Duelist: Caleb "Jollibee Enjoyer" Warren
Horus Bystial Lightsworn

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