Infernity HAT Decks

Best Infernity Decks HAT FOrmat

Discover the power of Infernity in the HAT format, featuring unique decklists and strategies for competitive play. Dive into the full guide and optimize your gameplay now!

Infernity HAT Format Deck

Infernity HAT Format Deck

Infernity HAT Format Deck

Infernity HAT Format Deck

Infernity HAT Format Deck

Infernity decks have long been a popular choice in Yu-Gi-Oh! for their explosive combo potential and ability to consistently summon powerful monsters. The HAT (Hand, Artifact, Traptrix) format, a nostalgic meta from 2014, provides a unique playground for these decks. Here's a comprehensive guide to playing Infernity in the HAT format, covering different versions, top cards, strategies, and tips.

Variants of the Infernity Deck

  1. Standard Infernity This version focuses on the classic Infernity strategy of emptying your hand to activate powerful effects. Key cards include Infernity Archfiend and Infernity Launcher, which facilitate continuous summoning and OTK (One Turn Kill) potential.
  2. Infernity with Dark Grepher Incorporating Dark Grepher allows for quick setup by discarding and sending necessary Infernity monsters to the graveyard. This variant can more reliably achieve the empty-hand condition needed for Infernity effects.
  3. Infernity Hand Control Utilizing cards like Archfiend Heiress and Summoner Monk, this version focuses on maintaining control of the board while setting up for massive combo plays. The goal is to disrupt your opponent’s plays while preparing your own explosive turn.
  4. Infernity with Phantom Knights This blend adds Phantom Knights cards to enhance graveyard setups and extend combos. It provides additional utility and defensive options, making the deck more versatile.

Top 10 Most Used Cards

  1. Infernity Archfiend - The core of the deck, enabling searches and extending combos.
  2. Infernity Launcher - Essential for summoning multiple Infernity monsters from the graveyard.
  3. Dark Grepher - Facilitates quick setup by sending Infernity monsters to the graveyard.
  4. Stygian Street Patrol - Assists in summoning Infernity monsters from the hand.
  5. Summoner Monk - Helps summon key monsters from the deck.
  6. Infernity Necromancer - Revives Infernity monsters to continue combos.
  7. Archfiend Heiress - Searches for Archfiend cards when sent to the graveyard.
  8. Instant Fusion - Summons fusion monsters that can be used for XYZ or Link summoning.
  9. Foolish Burial - Sends key monsters to the graveyard for later revival.
  10. Infernity Barrier - Provides powerful negation to protect combos.

How to Play Infernity

To play Infernity effectively, follow these steps:

  1. Setup Phase: Use cards like Dark Grepher, Foolish Burial, and Summoner Monk to get Infernity monsters into the graveyard quickly. Aim to empty your hand using Stygian Street Patrol and other discard effects.
  2. Combo Phase: Once your hand is empty, use Infernity Archfiend and Infernity Launcher to start your combo. Summon multiple Infernity monsters from the graveyard and search for key cards to extend your plays.
  3. Control Phase: Establish a strong board presence with powerful XYZ or Link monsters. Use cards like Infernity Barrier and Torrential Tribute to protect your field from your opponent’s plays.
  4. Finishing Move: Aim to OTK your opponent by summoning high-attack monsters and using their effects to clear the board and attack directly.

Tips and Tricks

  • Empty Hand Quickly: Prioritize cards and effects that allow you to discard or play all your cards quickly.
  • Graveyard Management: Be mindful of which Infernity monsters are in your graveyard and which need to be revived for combos.
  • Protect Your Combos: Use trap cards like Infernity Barrier and Trap Stun to ensure your combos go uninterrupted.
  • Adapt to Opponents: Adjust your side deck to counter popular strategies in the HAT format, ensuring you have answers to various threats.

Infernity decks in the HAT format provide a thrilling blend of nostalgia and explosive gameplay. By mastering the key strategies and cards, you can dominate your duels and relive the glory days of Yu-Gi-Oh!.

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