Gravekeeper HAT Decks

Best Gravekeeper Deck HAT Format

Explore the intricacies of the Gravekeeper Deck in the HAT format, a strategic powerhouse focusing on control and countering Chaos decks with Necrovalley and Gravekeeper’s Spy.

Gravekeeper Pure

Gravekeeper Deck HAT Format

Artifact Gravekeeper

Gravekeeper Deck HAT Format

Gravekeeper Deck HAT Format

Gravekeeper Deck in HAT Format

Gravekeeper decks have been a staple in Yu-Gi-Oh! since their introduction, known for their powerful control strategies centered around the field spell Necrovalley. The HAT format, short for Hand Artifact Traptrix, was prominent around 2014 and provides a unique environment where Gravekeepers can shine. Here's an in-depth look at how to build and play a Gravekeeper deck in this format.


  1. Pure Gravekeeper: This variant focuses solely on Gravekeeper cards, maximizing the synergy with Necrovalley. Key cards include Gravekeeper's Spy, Gravekeeper's Descendant, and Gravekeeper's Commandant. The goal is to control the board with Necrovalley and use your monsters' effects to maintain advantage.
  2. Gravekeeper's HAT Hybrid: Incorporating elements of the HAT archetype, this build mixes Gravekeeper cards with Hand, Artifact, and Traptrix monsters. This version adds flexibility and resilience, using Artifact Sanctum and Traptrix Myrmeleo to disrupt your opponent's plays.
  3. Gravekeeper's Stun: This deck emphasizes floodgates and control cards like Skill Drain and Royal Tribute, aiming to lock down your opponent's options. It often runs cards like Solemn Judgment and Bottomless Trap Hole to handle threats.

Top 10 Cards in the Deck

  1. Necrovalley: The heart of the deck, boosting Gravekeeper monsters and locking down graveyard plays.
  2. Gravekeeper's Spy: Provides field presence and can summon another Gravekeeper monster when flipped.
  3. Gravekeeper's Commandant: Searches for Necrovalley, ensuring you always have access to it.
  4. Gravekeeper's Descendant: Allows you to tribute a Gravekeeper monster to destroy an opponent's card.
  5. Gravekeeper's Stele: Recycles Gravekeeper monsters from the graveyard back to your hand.
  6. Gravekeeper's Recruiter: Searches for any Gravekeeper monster with 1500 or less DEF when sent to the graveyard.
  7. Royal Tribute: Forces both players to discard all monsters in their hands if Necrovalley is on the field.
  8. Solemn Judgment: Negates key plays your opponent might make, offering crucial protection.
  9. Bottomless Trap Hole: Effective at removing large threats your opponent summons.
  10. Traptrix Myrmeleo: Searches for trap cards and can destroy a spell or trap when special summoned.

How to Play the Deck The primary strategy of a Gravekeeper deck in HAT format revolves around controlling the field with Necrovalley. Start by searching for Necrovalley using Gravekeeper's Commandant. Once Necrovalley is active, it boosts your Gravekeeper monsters and disrupts your opponent’s graveyard plays.

Use Gravekeeper's Spy to maintain board presence and generate advantage by summoning more Gravekeeper monsters. Gravekeeper's Descendant can tribute these monsters to destroy your opponent’s cards, keeping their field clear.

Royal Tribute can devastate opponents by forcing them to discard their monsters, especially effective if they rely heavily on monster effects. Combine this with cards like Solemn Judgment and Bottomless Trap Hole to control the board and stop their key plays.


  • Maximize Necrovalley: Ensure you always have Necrovalley active. Use Gravekeeper's Commandant to search it out and protect it with cards like Gravekeeper's Shaman.
  • Utilize Flip Effects: Cards like Gravekeeper's Spy can be flipped to summon additional monsters, giving you more resources.
  • Control the Graveyard: Necrovalley not only boosts your monsters but also prevents your opponent from manipulating their graveyard, shutting down many modern strategies.
  • Adapt with Side Deck: Use cards like My Body as a Shield and Royal Tribute in your side deck to adapt to different matchups. This flexibility can give you an edge in tournaments.

The Gravekeeper deck in the HAT format offers a robust control strategy that can dominate many matchups. By leveraging the powerful field spell Necrovalley and a suite of supportive Gravekeeper monsters, you can lock down your opponent's options and maintain board control. Adapt your strategy with hybrid builds and a flexible side deck to tackle various opponents effectively.

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