Evilswarm HAT Decks

BEST Evilswarm Deck HAT Format

The Evilswarm deck, particularly in the HAT (Hand, Artifact, Traptrix) format, is a compelling choice for duelists looking to control the field and maintain a steady pace throughout the game. This deck thrives on its ability to disrupt opponents' strategies while maintaining a strong board presence through versatile XYZ summoning options.

Evilswarm Deck Hat Format

Evilswarm Deck Hat Format

Evilswarm Deck Hat Format

Evilswarm Deck Hat Format

Evilswarm Variants

  1. Standard Evilswarm: Focuses on swarming the field with Level 4 monsters to XYZ summon powerful Rank 4 monsters like Evilswarm Ophion. Ophion prevents the special summoning of Level 5 or higher monsters, a crucial lockdown against many decks.
  2. Evilswarm Traptrix: Integrates Traptrix monsters for additional trap card utility. Traptrix Myrmeleo searches for "Trap Hole" cards, enhancing the deck's control capabilities.
  3. Evilswarm Artifacts: Combines the Artifact engine, using Artifact Sanctum to summon Artifact Moralltach, which can destroy opponent’s cards on their turn. This adds a reactive layer to the deck’s strategy.

Top 10 Cards in Evilswarm Deck

  1. Evilswarm Ophion: The cornerstone of the deck, providing a significant lockdown effect.
  2. Evilswarm Kerykeion: Enables recycling of "lswarm" monsters from the graveyard, allowing for continuous XYZ summoning.
  3. Evilswarm Castor: Grants an additional Normal Summon, essential for rapid field presence.
  4. Evilswarm Mandragora: A free Special Summon when the opponent controls more monsters.
  5. Infestation Pandemic: Protects "lswarm" monsters from spells and traps.
  6. Traptrix Myrmeleo: Searches for powerful trap cards like Bottomless Trap Hole.
  7. Artifact Moralltach: Destroys opponent’s cards when summoned, adding disruption.
  8. Evilswarm Thunderbird: Can dodge effects by banishing itself temporarily.
  9. Fiendish Chain: Negates monster effects and prevents attacks, providing additional control.
  10. Solemn Warning: Stops any summon, crucial for disrupting key plays.

How to Play the Evilswarm Deck The primary strategy of the Evilswarm deck revolves around establishing control through Rank 4 XYZ monsters, particularly Evilswarm Ophion. Start by swarming the field with Level 4 "lswarm" monsters using cards like Evilswarm Castor and Mandragora. Once Ophion is on the field, use Infestation Pandemic to protect it from spells and traps.

Early Game: Focus on setting up Ophion as soon as possible to prevent your opponent from summoning higher-level monsters. Use Castor and Mandragora for quick XYZ plays.

Mid Game: Maintain control with trap cards like Fiendish Chain and Bottomless Trap Hole. Use Kerykeion to recycle monsters and keep Ophion active.

Late Game: Leverage other XYZ monsters like Evilswarm Bahamut to take control of opponent’s monsters or Evilswarm Ouroboros for versatile removal and disruption.

Tips for Playing Evilswarm

  • Hand Management: Ensure you have the necessary resources to maintain field presence. Cards like Pot of Duality can help with consistency.
  • Protect Ophion: Use Infestation Pandemic and other protective traps to keep Ophion on the field.
  • Adapting to Opponents: Depending on the matchup, adjust your strategy to either focus more on traps or on quick XYZ summoning.

In conclusion, the Evilswarm deck in the HAT Format is a robust control deck that excels in locking down opponents and maintaining field presence through continuous XYZ summoning and trap utilization. Mastering this deck requires careful resource management and strategic protection of key monsters like Evilswarm Ophion​.

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