Constellar HAT Decks

Best Constellar HAT Format Decks

Explore top Constellar HAT format deck lists featuring a blend of Constellar and Artifact cards, creating powerful synergies for competitive play. Learn about key strategies and card choices. Dive in for details!

Constellar Deck Hat Format

Constellar Deck Hat Format

Constellar Deck Hat Format

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The Constellar HAT format deck combines the strengths of the Constellar archetype with the Artifact and Traptrix cards, offering a balanced mix of control and aggression. This deck was popular during the HAT format of the 2014 Yu-Gi-Oh! metagame, characterized by the synergy between Hands, Artifacts, and Traptrix cards.

Variants of the Deck

  1. Pure Constellar: Focuses solely on Constellar monsters and their synergy. This variant excels in consistent XYZ summoning of powerful Constellar bosses like Constellar Pleiades and Constellar Omega.
  2. Constellar Artifact: This variant integrates Artifact cards, which can disrupt the opponent's plays and enhance control elements. Key cards include Artifact Moralltach and Artifact Sanctum.
  3. Constellar Traptrix: Combines the Constellar engine with Traptrix monsters, leveraging Traptrix Myrmeleo and Traptrix Dionaea to set powerful trap cards and maintain board control.
  4. Hybrid Constellar HAT: A balanced mix of Constellar, Artifact, and Traptrix cards, aiming to maximize the strengths of all three archetypes. This is the most versatile version, offering multiple strategies to adapt to different opponents.

Top 10 Cards in Constellar HAT Deck

  1. Constellar Pleiades: A key XYZ monster for bouncing cards back to the hand.
  2. Constellar Kaus: Essential for level manipulation and XYZ summoning.
  3. Constellar Pollux: Provides an extra normal summon for Constellar monsters.
  4. Constellar Sombre: Helps recycle banished Constellar monsters and extend plays.
  5. Artifact Moralltach: Offers destruction when special summoned by Artifact Sanctum.
  6. Artifact Sanctum: Special summons Artifacts from the deck and disrupts opponent’s plays.
  7. Traptrix Myrmeleo: Searches for powerful trap cards and can destroy set spells/traps.
  8. Traptrix Dionaea: Revives Traptrix monsters and resets trap cards.
  9. Fire Formation - Tenki: Searches for Constellar Kaus to enable XYZ plays.
  10. Honest: Provides protection and allows Constellar monsters to win battles easily.

How to Play Constellar HAT Deck

  • Early Game: Focus on setting up your field with Constellar Pollux and Constellar Kaus for quick XYZ summoning. Use Fire Formation - Tenki to search for key pieces.
  • Mid Game: Utilize Constellar Pleiades and Constellar Omega to control the board. Artifacts like Moralltach should be used strategically with Artifact Sanctum to disrupt the opponent.
  • Late Game: Maintain board presence with continuous recycling of Constellar Sombre and Traptrix Dionaea. Secure the game with repeated uses of Constellar Pleiades’ bounce effect and Honest for damage pushes.

Tips and Strategies

  • Maximize XYZ Summoning: Use Constellar Kaus and Constellar Sombre to consistently bring out Constellar Pleiades and other powerful XYZ monsters.
  • Disruption with Artifacts: Keep Artifact Sanctum set to disrupt your opponent during their turn. Artifact Moralltach can destroy key cards when summoned.
  • Trap Management: Leverage Traptrix monsters to set and recycle powerful trap cards like Bottomless Trap Hole and Traptrix Trap Hole Nightmare.
  • Resource Management: Constellar Sombre’s effect allows you to recycle banished Constellar monsters, extending your plays and maintaining board presence.

Overall, the Constellar HAT deck thrives on its ability to control the game state through powerful XYZ summons, effective disruption with Artifact cards, and continuous trap card utilization. This combination ensures versatility and adaptability, making it a formidable deck in the HAT format​

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