Bujin HAT Decks

Yugioh Best Bujin Decks HAT Format

The Bujin Deck in the HAT format combines the consistency of Bujin Yamato with powerful support cards like Fire Formation - Tenki. This strategy focuses on controlling the board with key Beast-Warrior type monsters and utilizing efficient removal and protection effects.

Bujin Deck HAT Format

Bujin Deck HAT Format

Bujin Deck HAT Format

Bujin Deck HAT Format

Bujin Deck HAT Format

Bujin Deck in HAT Format

Pure Bujin

The Pure Bujin variant focuses exclusively on the core Bujin cards. Key cards include Bujin Yamato, who is essential for setting up the graveyard and hand with necessary Bujingi monsters. This version heavily relies on control and precise removal tactics, utilizing cards like Bujingi Crane for attack boosts and Bujingi Turtle for protection.

Bujin HAT (Hand Artifact Traptrix)

This variant integrates the HAT engine, adding Artifacts and Traptrix cards to the mix. Artifacts like Artifact Moralltach provide disruption by destroying opponent’s cards when triggered, while Traptrix Myrmeleo can search powerful trap cards such as Traptrix Trap Hole Nightmare. This combination enhances the deck's defensive and reactive capabilities, making it versatile in handling various threats.

Bujin with Fire Fist

Incorporating Fire Fist cards into a Bujin deck can improve consistency and aggression. Fire Formation - Tenki is pivotal for searching out Bujin Yamato, and Fire Fist - Bear can help maintain field control by destroying problematic cards and setting up further plays.

Top 10 Most Used Cards in Bujin Deck

  1. Bujin Yamato: Core of the deck, searches and sets up the graveyard.
  2. Bujingi Crane: Hand trap that doubles attack during damage calculation.
  3. Bujingi Turtle: Protects Bujin monsters from targeting effects.
  4. Bujingi Quilin: Removes face-up cards by banishing from the graveyard.
  5. Bujingi Hare: Protects Bujin monsters from destruction.
  6. Bujin Mikazuchi: Provides additional summoning and spell/trap searching.
  7. Bujintei Susanowo: Main XYZ monster, can attack all opponent’s monsters and search Bujin cards.
  8. Bujintei Kagutsuchi: Protects itself and mills Bujin cards to the graveyard.
  9. Fire Formation - Tenki: Searches for Bujin Yamato.
  10. Solemn Warning: Staple trap card for negating summons.

How to Play the Bujin Deck

Early Game

Start by summoning Bujin Yamato as soon as possible. Use Fire Formation - Tenki to search Yamato if needed. During the end phase, use Yamato’s effect to add a Bujingi monster to your hand and discard another to set up the graveyard.

Mid Game

Focus on controlling the field with Bujingi Crane and Bujingi Turtle to protect your monsters while you build up your resources. Use Bujintei Susanowo to clear opponent’s monsters and search additional Bujin cards to maintain advantage.

Late Game

Transition to aggressive plays by utilizing Bujintei Kagutsuchi for added protection and attack boosts. Employ XYZ summoning to bring out powerful rank 4 monsters, leveraging your graveyard setup with Bujingi Quilin and Bujingi Hare for continuous control and pressure.

Tips and Tricks

  1. Hand Management: Always keep a Bujingi Crane or Bujingi Turtle in hand for protection.
  2. Graveyard Setup: Prioritize sending Bujingi Hare and Bujingi Turtle to the graveyard early for defensive plays.
  3. XYZ Summons: Utilize Bujintei Susanowo to search and clear the field while maintaining board presence.
  4. Artifact Plays: If playing the HAT variant, time your Artifact Moralltach activations to disrupt key opponent plays.
  5. Trap Usage: Be strategic with your trap cards like Solemn Warning and Traptrix Trap Hole Nightmare to maintain control over the game.

By mastering the Bujin deck’s unique blend of control, protection, and explosive plays, you can effectively compete in the HAT format and adapt to various matchups.

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