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Find various versions to build the Reasoning Gate Deck Goat Format 2024!

Reasoning Gate Turbo goat format

Overview of Reasoning Gate Deck in Goat Format

The Reasoning Gate deck in Goat Format is a high-risk, high-reward combo deck known for its explosive plays and potential to achieve an OTK (One Turn Kill). This deck leverages the spell cards "Reasoning" and "Monster Gate" to special summon powerful monsters from the deck while sending a significant number of cards to the graveyard. This process not only fills the board with threats but also sets up for powerful follow-up plays involving cards like "Dimension Fusion."

Key Components and Strategy

  1. Monsters:
    • Dark Magician of Chaos: A crucial card that can recur spell cards from the graveyard, enabling continuous plays.
    • Jinzo: Shuts down trap cards, ensuring your combos go through uninterrupted.
    • Sacred Crane: Provides additional draw power when special summoned, maintaining card advantage.
    • Chaos Sorcerer: Offers removal of threats through its banish effect, complementing the aggressive strategy.
  2. Spells:
    • Reasoning: Special summons a monster from the deck unless the opponent correctly guesses its level, often leading to free powerful monsters on the field.
    • Monster Gate: Similar to Reasoning, it sacrifices a monster to excavate cards until another monster is found, further fueling the graveyard and summoning strong monsters.
    • Dimension Fusion: Summons banished monsters back to the field, allowing for a sudden swarm of attackers.
    • Giant Trunade and Heavy Storm: Clear the opponent's backrow to ensure your plays can proceed without interruption.
  3. Traps:
    • Call of the Haunted: Recurs powerful monsters from the graveyard.
    • Raigeki Break: Provides targeted removal, useful for dealing with specific threats.

Variants of Reasoning Gate

  1. Dragon Gate: Focuses on summoning powerful dragon monsters like "Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV8" and "King Dragun" to create a board that is difficult to overcome.
  2. Dark Reasoning Gate: Uses monsters like "Strike Ninja" and "Blowback Dragon" for unique interactions, although it lacks the draw power of Sacred Crane.
  3. Machine Gate: Utilizes machine-type monsters and cards like "Cyber Stein" to summon threats like "Gatling Dragon" for quick OTK potential.

Top 10 Most Played Cards in Reasoning Gate Decks

  1. Reasoning
  2. Monster Gate
  3. Dimension Fusion
  4. Dark Magician of Chaos
  5. Jinzo
  6. Sacred Crane
  7. Chaos Sorcerer
  8. Giant Trunade
  9. Heavy Storm
  10. Call of the Haunted


Reasoning Gate is a formidable deck in Goat Format, capable of overwhelming opponents with its explosive plays and high damage output. While it can be risky and occasionally inconsistent, its ability to dominate a game in a single turn makes it a thrilling and powerful choice for players.

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