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Find various versions to build the Chaos Return Deck Goat Format 2024!

chaos return goat format decks

Overview of Chaos Return Deck in Goat Format

The Chaos Return deck is a powerful and dynamic archetype in Goat Format, known for leveraging the synergy between Chaos monsters and the trap card "Return from the Different Dimension." This deck capitalizes on the banishing effects of Chaos Sorcerer and Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning to fuel explosive plays with Return, allowing for significant swings in momentum and potential OTKs (One Turn Kills).

Key Components and Strategy

  1. Chaos Monsters:
    • Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning: A powerhouse that can either banish monsters or attack twice, making it a key finisher.
    • Chaos Sorcerer: Provides monster removal through its banish effect and is easily summoned by managing Light and Dark attributes.
  2. Flip Effect Monsters:
    • Dekoichi the Battlechanted Locomotive: Draws a card when flipped, providing card advantage and feeding the Light attribute.
    • Gravekeeper's Spy: Special summons another Gravekeeper’s Spy from the deck, offering defense and deck thinning.
  3. Utility Monsters:
    • Thunder Dragon: Helps maintain hand advantage and provides Light fodder for Chaos monsters.
    • Magician of Faith: Recovers powerful spell cards from the graveyard, ensuring sustained resource management.
  4. Spells:
    • Book of Moon: Versatile card used for defense, resetting flip effect monsters, and disrupting opponent plays.
    • Nobleman of Crossout: Removes face-down monsters and banishes them, preventing their effects from activating.
  5. Traps:
    • Return from the Different Dimension: The cornerstone of the deck, this card can revive banished monsters for a sudden, overwhelming offensive.
    • Solemn Judgment: Provides crucial negation to protect key plays and disrupt the opponent.


Chaos Return decks are highly versatile, capable of switching between aggressive and control playstyles based on the game state. The use of "Return from the Different Dimension" allows for surprising comebacks and powerful board setups. The deck's reliance on Light and Dark monsters ensures a steady flow of Chaos monster summons, maintaining consistent pressure on the opponent.


Despite its strengths, Chaos Return can suffer from inconsistent hands if it draws too many high-level monsters without the means to summon them. Additionally, it may struggle against decks that can banish or control its key monsters, disrupting the synergy required for optimal plays.

Top 10 Most Played Cards in Chaos Return Decks

  1. Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning
  2. Chaos Sorcerer
  3. Dekoichi the Battlechanted Locomotive
  4. Gravekeeper's Spy
  5. Thunder Dragon
  6. Magician of Faith
  7. Book of Moon
  8. Nobleman of Crossout
  9. Return from the Different Dimension
  10. Solemn Judgment


Chaos Return decks offer a blend of explosive potential and strategic depth, making them a compelling choice for players in Goat Format. By leveraging the banishing effects of Chaos monsters and the revival power of Return from the Different Dimension, this deck can dominate the battlefield and secure victories through both calculated control and sudden offensive bursts.

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