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gravekeeper edison format

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yugioh gravekeepers edison format

Gravekeeper Edison Deck in Yu-Gi-Oh!

The Gravekeeper deck in the Edison format of Yu-Gi-Oh! is a robust control deck that excels in shutting down graveyard strategies. Utilizing the iconic Necrovalley field spell, this deck prevents opponents from manipulating their graveyards, effectively crippling many popular decks in the format.

Deck Profile

Main Strategy

The Gravekeeper deck's primary strategy revolves around controlling the board and limiting the opponent's options. The deck leverages Necrovalley to prevent the opponent from using their graveyard, boosting the ATK and DEF of all Gravekeeper monsters by 500, and disrupting many popular meta strategies.

Key monsters include:

  • Gravekeeper's Spy: A flip effect monster that special summons another Gravekeeper monster from the deck, providing excellent field presence and setup for tribute summons.
  • Gravekeeper's Commandant: Searches Necrovalley from the deck, ensuring you have access to this crucial field spell.
  • Gravekeeper's Descendant: Can tribute another Gravekeeper monster to destroy a card on the field, offering spot removal and maintaining board control.

Top 10 Most Used Cards in Gravekeeper Edison Deck

  1. Necrovalley
  2. Gravekeeper's Spy
  3. Gravekeeper's Commandant
  4. Gravekeeper's Descendant
  5. Gravekeeper's Assailant
  6. Gravekeeper's Guard
  7. Allure of Darkness
  8. Royal Tribute
  9. Gravekeeper's Stele
  10. Bottomless Trap Hole

Variants of the Gravekeeper Edison Deck

Pure Control Variant

This version focuses heavily on maintaining board control and disrupting the opponent's plays with traps like Bottomless Trap Hole and Torrential Tribute. The primary goal is to keep Necrovalley on the field and use Gravekeeper's Spy and Gravekeeper's Guard to control the pace of the game.

Flamvell Hybrid

A hybrid variant that incorporates the Flamvell engine to enhance the deck's offensive capabilities. This variant can utilize Flamvell Magician and Flamvell Firedog for synchro summoning, adding an extra layer of strategy and aggression.

Anti-Meta Variant

Designed specifically to counter popular meta decks, this variant includes additional tech cards like Dimensional Prison and Starlight Road to handle common threats. The focus is on outlasting the opponent and leveraging Necrovalley to disable their key strategies.

How to Play the Gravekeeper Edison Deck

  1. Setup: Use Gravekeeper's Commandant to search Necrovalley and activate it as soon as possible. Set up your back row with traps to protect your field.
  2. Control: Utilize Gravekeeper's Spy to bring out additional Gravekeepers, setting up for tribute summons and maintaining field presence.
  3. Disrupt: Use Gravekeeper's Descendant and Royal Tribute to disrupt your opponent's plays. Necrovalley will prevent them from using graveyard effects, giving you a significant advantage.
  4. Finish: Once you've established control, use your high ATK Gravekeepers and Synchro monsters to close out the game.


The Gravekeeper Edison Deck is a formidable control deck that excels in disrupting the opponent's strategies and maintaining board control. With Necrovalley as the centerpiece, this deck can effectively shut down graveyard-centric decks, making it a powerful choice in the Edison format. Its various variants allow for flexibility in approach, whether you prefer pure control, hybrid strategies, or anti-meta tactics.

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