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Basic Guide

The Chain Burn deck is a notorious strategy in the Edison format, known for its ability to win by inflicting direct damage to the opponent through chains of spell and trap cards. This guide covers the deck’s main strategies, key cards, variants, and tips for effective play.

Popular Strategies

  1. Chain Linking for Burn Damage: The core strategy of the Chain Burn deck is to create long chains of spell and trap cards to deal significant burn damage. Cards like "Chain Strike," "Accumulated Fortune," and "Secret Barrel" are essential for building chains and dealing damage quickly.
  2. Stall and Burn: This deck relies heavily on stalling tactics to survive long enough to burn the opponent down. Cards such as "Threatening Roar" and "Waboku" prevent attacks, allowing you to set up your burn combos safely.
  3. Card Advantage and Draw Power: Drawing power is crucial in Chain Burn to ensure you have the necessary cards to create chains. "Reckless Greed," "Jar of Greed," and "Legacy of Yata-Garasu" are key draw cards that help maintain hand advantage and keep the burn going.

Top 10 Most Used Cards in Chain Burn Deck

  1. Chain Strike
  2. Accumulated Fortune
  3. Secret Barrel
  4. Just Desserts
  5. Ojama Trio
  6. Ceasefire
  7. Reckless Greed
  8. Threatening Roar
  9. Waboku
  10. Pot of Duality

Deck Variants

  1. Pure Chain Burn: This variant focuses solely on the chain burn strategy, maximizing the use of cards that create chains and deal damage directly to the opponent.
  2. Chain Burn with Stall Elements: Adds more stalling cards like "Swift Scarecrow" and "Battle Fader" to extend the game and ensure you have enough time to set up your burn combos.

How to Play Chain Burn Deck

  1. Early Game Setup: Focus on setting up your stall cards like "Threatening Roar" and "Waboku" to prevent early aggression from your opponent. Start accumulating draw cards to build your hand.
  2. Mid Game Chain Building: Begin creating chains using cards like "Chain Strike" and "Accumulated Fortune." Use "Ojama Trio" to fill your opponent’s field and enhance the damage of cards like "Just Desserts" and "Secret Barrel."
  3. Late Game Finishers: Aim to finish the game with high-damage chain combinations. Utilize cards like "Ceasefire" and "Magic Cylinder" for additional burst damage.

Additional Tips

  • Adaptability: Be ready to adjust your strategy based on the opponent’s deck. Incorporating versatile cards like "Mystical Space Typhoon" can help deal with backrow threats that disrupt your chains.

By mastering the Chain Burn strategy and understanding the synergy between your burn cards, you can effectively control the game and secure victories through consistent burn damage.

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