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Assault Mode Edison Deck 2024 Guide

The Assault Mode Edison Deck has become a fascinating choice for duelists looking to blend the power of synchro monsters with the unique abilities of Assault Mode monsters. This deck is particularly prominent in the Edison Format, known for its strategic depth and retro gameplay style.

Key Strategies

Synchro Summoning

One of the primary strategies of the Assault Mode Edison Deck is to utilize synchro summoning to bring out powerful monsters like "Stardust Dragon." Synchro monsters serve as the core for summoning the Assault Mode versions, which are stronger and have enhanced effects.

Assault Mode Activate

"Assault Mode Activate" is a pivotal card in this deck. It allows you to tribute a synchro monster, such as "Stardust Dragon," to special summon its Assault Mode counterpart from the deck. "Stardust Dragon/Assault Mode" offers protection by negating the activation of spell, trap, or effect monster effects and destroying the negated card.

Flamvell and Gravekeeper Engines

The deck often incorporates the Flamvell engine, which includes cards like "Flamvell Firedog" and "Flamvell Magician" to facilitate synchro summoning. The Gravekeeper engine, featuring "Gravekeeper's Spy" and "Gravekeeper's Descendant," adds additional control and pressure without overcommitting to the board.

Decklist and Profile

Main Deck

  • 3x Stardust Dragon/Assault Mode
  • 3x Assault Beast
  • 3x Flamvell Firedog
  • 3x Flamvell Magician
  • 2x Gravekeeper's Spy
  • 1x Gravekeeper's Descendant
  • 1x Summoner Monk
  • 2x Caius the Shadow Monarch
  • 1x Blackwing - Gale the Whirlwind
  • 1x Vortex Trooper
  • 3x Rekindling
  • 3x Instant Fusion
  • 1x Heavy Storm
  • 1x Mystical Space Typhoon
  • 2x Book of Moon
  • 1x Brain Control
  • 1x Mind Control
  • 2x Assault Mode Activate
  • 2x Bottomless Trap Hole
  • 1x Dimensional Prison
  • 1x Mirror Force
  • 1x Solemn Judgment
  • 1x Starlight Road
  • 1x Torrential Tribute
  • 1x Trap Dustshoot

Extra Deck

  • Ally of Justice Catastor
  • Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier
  • Stardust Dragon

Top 10 Most Used Cards

  1. Stardust Dragon/Assault Mode
  2. Assault Beast
  3. Flamvell Firedog
  4. Flamvell Magician
  5. Rekindling
  6. Instant Fusion
  7. Gravekeeper's Spy
  8. Caius the Shadow Monarch
  9. Blackwing - Gale the Whirlwind
  10. Assault Mode Activate

Deck Variants

Pure Assault Mode

This variant focuses exclusively on the Assault Mode mechanic, using synchro monsters and their Assault Mode counterparts to dominate the field.

Flamvell Assault Mode

Combines the Flamvell engine with Assault Mode cards to leverage the powerful synchro summoning capabilities of Flamvell cards like "Flamvell Firedog" and "Flamvell Magician."

Gravekeeper Assault Mode

Incorporates the Gravekeeper engine to provide additional board control and removal options, synergizing well with the defensive and control aspects of the Assault Mode cards.

How to Play Assault Mode Edison Deck

Early Game Setup

Focus on setting up your synchro summoning capabilities. Use cards like "Flamvell Firedog" and "Flamvell Magician" to bring out synchro monsters quickly.

Mid Game Control

Activate "Assault Mode Activate" to transform your synchro monsters into their powerful Assault Mode versions. Utilize "Stardust Dragon/Assault Mode" to negate and destroy key opponent cards, maintaining control over the field.

Late Game Finishing Moves

Continue to pressure your opponent with your Assault Mode monsters while using additional removal and protection cards like "Mirror Force" and "Solemn Judgment" to secure victory.

By mastering these strategies and understanding the synergy between the various engines within the deck, you can effectively control the game and achieve success with the Assault Mode Edison Deck. This deck combines nostalgic gameplay with powerful modern strategies, making it a compelling choice for competitive play in the Edison Format.

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