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The latest competitive deck lists of Dino for July 2024.

Scrap Dinosaurs Ft. Gameciel
Sample List
Dino Deck TCG

2nd Place Locals
Duelist: Cristopher
Dino Deck TCG
Dino No Handtraps
Sample List
Duelist: Carlos Gallegos
Dino Deck TCG
Kashtira Transcendosaurus Dinosaurs
Sample List
Dino Deck TCG
Xeno Dino
Top 16 Chile National Championship 2024
Duelist: Exequiel Ignacio Addaro Garcia
Dino Deck TCG

Dino Deck 2024 Overview

The Dino Deck for 2024 continues to be a formidable force in the Yu-Gi-Oh! meta, leveraging powerful synergies and potent cards to dominate the field. This guide will provide an overview of the deck's strategy, top cards, and various deck variants to help you maximize your performance in duels.

Core Strategy

The primary strategy of the Dino Deck revolves around summoning powerful dinosaurs, utilizing their effects to control the field, and overwhelming opponents with brute force. Key cards like Ultimate Conductor Tyranno can clear the opponent's board, while support cards like Souleating Oviraptor and Miscellaneousaurus facilitate quick and effective plays.

Top 10 Cards for Dino Deck

  1. Ultimate Conductor Tyranno - The deck's powerhouse, capable of destroying monsters and dealing massive damage.
  2. Souleating Oviraptor - Searches and sets up your graveyard or field.
  3. Miscellaneousaurus - Provides protection and special summoning capabilities.
  4. Babycerasaurus - Essential for triggering effects when destroyed.
  5. Petiteranodon - Similar to Babycerasaurus, it aids in summoning more powerful dinosaurs.
  6. Double Evolution Pill - Allows you to special summon powerful dinosaurs from your hand or deck.
  7. Fossil Dig - Searches for low-level dinosaurs, crucial for consistency.
  8. Animadorned Archosaur - Destroys a dinosaur in hand to search for Evolution Pills.
  9. Lost World - Weakens opponents’ monsters and enables combo plays with Babycerasaurus and Petiteranodon.
  10. Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring - Provides essential hand trap capabilities to disrupt the opponent’s plays.

Deck Variants

  1. Pure Dino: Focuses on maximizing the power and efficiency of dinosaur monsters. Key cards include Ultimate Conductor Tyranno, Miscellaneousaurus, and Souleating Oviraptor.
  2. Scrap Dino: Integrates the Scrap engine to provide additional combo potential and access to powerful synchro and link monsters like Scrap Wyvern and Borreload Savage Dragon.
  3. True King Dino: Combines True King monsters with dinosaurs to leverage the destructive effects of cards like True King Lithosagym, the Disaster, allowing for additional banishment and disruption.
  4. Transcendosaurus: Utilizes the newer Transcendosaurus cards, adding a fresh twist and unique abilities to the traditional dinosaur strategy.
  5. Dino Shaddoll: Merges the Shaddoll engine to provide additional control and fusion capabilities, allowing for versatile plays and additional win conditions.
  6. Dino Kaiju: Incorporates Kaiju monsters for easy removal of problematic opponents’ monsters and to facilitate OTK (One Turn Kill) strategies.

The Dino Deck for 2024 offers a variety of strategies and builds to suit different play styles. Whether you prefer a straightforward approach with pure dinosaurs or a more complex strategy with Scrap or True King variants, the Dino Deck remains a top contender in the meta.

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