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The latest competitive deck lists of Blue-Eyes for June 2024.
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How to play Blue-Eyes Deck?

The Blue-Eyes White Dragon deck remains a beloved choice for Yu-Gi-Oh! players, known for its powerful dragon monsters and versatile strategies. As we move into 2024, the Blue-Eyes deck continues to be a competitive and exciting option for duelists. This guide will provide an overview of the deck's play style, essential cards, basic combos, and the best build versions for the current meta.

Play Style

The Blue-Eyes deck primarily focuses on overwhelming opponents with powerful dragon monsters and utilizing various summoning techniques. Here are the main strategies:

  • Beatdown Power: Leveraging the high attack points of Blue-Eyes monsters to dominate the battlefield.
  • Fusion and Synchro Summons: Utilizing cards like "Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon" and "Neo Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon" for fusion, and "Blue-Eyes Spirit Dragon" for synchro summoning.
  • Ritual Summons: Incorporating ritual monsters such as "Blue-Eyes Chaos MAX Dragon" to add another layer of powerful offensive capabilities.
  • Control Elements: Using cards like "Maiden with Eyes of Blue" and "Sage with Eyes of Blue" to maintain field control and consistency.

Key Cards

Here are the top 10 cards that are essential for any Blue-Eyes deck in 2024:

  1. Blue-Eyes White Dragon: The cornerstone of the deck with 3000 ATK and multiple support cards.
  2. Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon: Easy to summon and can destroy opponent’s monsters.
  3. Blue-Eyes Chaos MAX Dragon: A ritual monster that deals double piercing damage.
  4. The Melody of Awakening Dragon: Searches out "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" and other high-attack dragons.
  5. The White Stone of Ancients: Special summons Blue-Eyes monsters from the deck at the end phase.
  6. Return of the Dragon Lords: Revives dragon monsters and offers protection.
  7. Dragon’s Mirror: Enables powerful fusion summons.
  8. Sage with Eyes of Blue: Searches for level 1 LIGHT tuners and enables various combos.
  9. Maiden with Eyes of Blue: A defensive card that can summon Blue-Eyes when targeted.
  10. Bingo Machine, Go!!!: Searches for Blue-Eyes cards and essential spells/traps.

Basic Combos

  1. Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon and Dragon’s Mirror:
    • Use "The Melody of Awakening Dragon" to add "Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon" to your hand.
    • Summon "Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon" by revealing a "Blue-Eyes White Dragon".
    • Use "Dragon’s Mirror" to fusion summon "Neo Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon" using the dragons in your graveyard.
  2. Sage with Eyes of Blue and The White Stone of Ancients:
    • Summon "Sage with Eyes of Blue" to add "The White Stone of Ancients" to your hand.
    • Discard "The White Stone of Ancients" for Sage’s effect to summon "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" from the deck.
    • During the end phase, "The White Stone of Ancients" will activate, summoning another Blue-Eyes monster from the deck.
  3. Maiden with Eyes of Blue and Sage with Eyes of Blue:
    • Set "Maiden with Eyes of Blue" on the field.
    • Target "Maiden with Eyes of Blue" with "Sage with Eyes of Blue" to summon a "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" from the deck.
    • This combo provides field presence and sets up for further plays.

Best Build Versions

  1. Pure Blue-Eyes Deck: Focuses solely on Blue-Eyes cards and their direct support. This build maximizes the synergy between various Blue-Eyes monsters and spells/traps.
  2. Blue-Eyes Bystial Deck: Incorporates Bystial cards for additional control and disruption. This build is great for countering other meta decks.
  3. Blue-Eyes Horus Deck 2024: Combines the power of Blue-Eyes monsters with the Horus archetype for unique control mechanics and versatility.


Building a competitive Blue-Eyes deck in 2024 involves balancing powerful monsters, support cards, and strategic combos. Whether you prefer a pure Blue-Eyes deck or a hybrid build incorporating other archetypes, the Blue-Eyes deck remains a strong contender in the Yu-Gi-Oh! meta.

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